Friday, October 28, 2011


          The Singapore Brown Rice Tea is an invaluable traditional health recipe that originated from Tibet. This recipe has been proves to be effective in aiding sleeping problems, as well as rejuvenating one’s body conditions and inner strength “qi”.

          The addition of superior grade Dang Shen, not only enhances the effectiveness of Brown Rice, but also makes it suitable as an excellent health supplement. Brown Rice is well know to be rich in nutrients such as vitamin B Complexes and fiber, whereas Dang Shen increases one’s stamina and resistance to diseases. The blend of these natural ingredients has created miraculous results on many who have tried it.


Stress-relief and better sleep 
Improvement of “qi” and stamina
Reduction of frequency of night urination
Stimulation of appetite
Improved digestion & thus elimination of bloated stomach
Constipation relief
Easing of body aches and rheumatism
Reduction of tummy bulges
Decreased rate of headaches and migraines
Improved regulation of blood pressure and circulation
Lessen diabetes condition

    About 20% of the consumers may experience negative beneficial healing effects. The duration of this may last from few days to even as long as a month, depending on body conditions.

    For people who are over-fatigue or are on long-term medicine, may constantly feel sleepy, and this condition may last from few days to a week or so.

     For those who have too  much high acid in their bodies, especially uric acid, their bodies ache  may increase for about one to two weeks, and then gradually disappear.

    For people whose blood are more acidic or have dry skin, rashes may appear, and they may feel itchy and hearty. This may last for a week or more, so there is no cause for panic.

    Every one have different body conations, hence may have different reactions from the above-mentioned cases. There is no need to worry, as these are all part of the healing process.

    For sleeping problems, drink  an hour before sleep, with 2 sachets in a cup of hot water.

   For constipation, gastric, bloated  stomach and other digestion problems, drink in the morning on an empty  stomach and consume the residue together with a glass of water for better effect.

   For long-term illness, drink every day for prolonged period of time, to see gradual improvements to body conditions.


Most people reduced their frequency of night urination.
Slept better
Relieved constipation
Gained more stamina & energy


Improved digestion & thus elimination of bloated stomach
Reduced body aches.
Decreased rate of headache & migraine


High blood, diabetes & cholesterol problems under control.
Reduced water retention & achieved Slimming result
Gradually reduced uric acid
Improved Complexion less pimples & acne.

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