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Selangor, the most developed state in Malaysia, abounds with a fascination variety of attractions. Hailed as the gateway to Malaysia, the state is home to the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA), the country’s main entry point and Port Klang, the country’s largest port.

There is a wide range of accommodation to suit all tastes and Preferences. Most international -standard hotels and resorts are situated in the vicinity of shopping malls and recreational facilities. Visitors will find a wide array of cuisine from local delicacies to international fare.

The state of the art Kuala Lumpur international Airport (KLIA) is the main gateway into the sate and services over 45 international airlines. By sea, Selangor is accessible from Port Klang, the nation’s largest port. The nearby Star Cruises terminal is built exclusively for tourists arriving on cruise ships. Selangor is easily accessible from all parts of the country by air, road and rail. It is also linked to Singapore and Thailand via road and rail.

 Firefly Parks

Visit one of nature’s most astounding attractions. Kampung Kuantan and Kampung Bukit Belimbing are among the few places in the world where visitors can watch the spectacular display of fireflies. Night river cruises to these villages are extremely popular.

 Sepang International Circuit

This is the venue of the annual Petronas Malaysian F1 Grand Prix. Acclaimed to have one of the world’s most challenging tracks, it is also the only circuit in the world to provide a double-frontage grandstand area.

 Blue Mosque

Popularly known as “THE BLUE MOSQUE” the Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah Mosque is one of the most stunning structures in the country. Boasting the tallest minarets in the world, it is also famed for its remarkable interior architecture. Situated opposite is the Garden of Islamic Art, a beautifully landscaped park featuring calligraphy, paintings and sculptures.

 Batu Caves

These limestone caves are a popular attraction, especially during the annual Hindu festival, Thaipusam. Scaling the 272 steps leading up to the temple is one of the highlights. The 140 feet statue of Lord Muruga here is reputed to be the tallest in the world.

 FGS Dong Zen Monastery

A peaceful ambience and beautiful landscapes greet visitors at this Buddhist monastery. It consists of a monumental archway, main shrine and relics shrine, and art gallery, teahouse and courtyard as well as an area featuring the Eighteen Arhats and Bodhisattva Guan Yin Statue.

 Royal Selangor Visitors Center

Visit the home of the world-renowned Royal Selangor pewter. Children and adults alike can enjoy a variety of attractions and gain insights into the pewter industry.

 National Zoo

Spend a day observing nearly 4000 mammals, reptiles, birds and fish. Highlights include entertaining performances by orange utans and sea lions as well as horse, camel and elephant rides.

 Forest Research Institute of Malaysia (FRIM)

Home to a wealth of flora and fauna, this forest reserve features herb gardens, arboretums, nature trails and a wetland area. A highlight here is the canopy walkway, suspended 30m above ground level.

 Kanching Recreational Forest

This invigorating natural enclave is haven for various species of birds and monkeys. The main attraction here is the Kanching Waterfall, featuring seven tiers and cascading waters.

 Kota Darul Ehsan Arch

This Moorish styled arch is a distinguished landmark, erected to mark the ceding of Kuala Lumpur to the Federal Government by the state of Selangor in 1974. It demarcates the boundary between Selangor and Kuala Lumpur.

 Orang Asli Museum

Gain an insight into the traditional lifestyles and cultures of the country’s indigenous communities. Displays include weaponry, clothing, musical instruments and replicas of dwellings. Carey Island is home to the indigenous Mah Meri community, famed for their woodcarvings and masks.

 Home stays

Stay with a friendly host family and experience traditional Malay lifestyle in the state’s rustic village. Banghuris, Dorani and Sungai Sireh are among the popular villages for home stays.

 Little India

Visit this bustling township to discover a profusion of authentically Indian items. Browse through the colorful costumes, assortment of sweetmeats, aromatic spices and dazzling accessories.

 Sultan Alam Shah Museum

This commanding blue-roofed building gives a glimpse into the grandeur of Selangor’s bygone era. Treasured artefacts include the royal regalia of the Selangor Sultanate and relics of the British era.

 Shah Alam Lake Gardens

Set within a beautiful landscaped garden, this man-made lake graces the Shah Alam town. It is a favorite sport for picnics, jogging or recreational activities.

 Bandar Palace

Built in the 20th century, this stately palace is made of wood and marble and boasts exquisite woodcarvings. In the past, it served as the venue to entertain prominent dignitaries and foreign emissaries.

 Royal Mausoleum

Built in 1898, the royal mausoleum of Sultan Abdul Samad is a combination of various architectural styles including Western Classical and Indo-Muslim. Here  the fourth Sultan of Selangor and other members of the past royal family were laid to rest.

 Melawati Hill

This is the site of several historical attractions. Visitors can see the cannons and original foundation stones of an 18th century fort, a fabled execution block and a lighthouse. The landscaped hill offers a panoramic view of the Selangor coastline.

 Mines Wonderland 

Build on what used  be the world’s largest open cast in mine, this park abounds with delightful attractions. Visit the Animal Kingdom, or cruise in a water taxi. It is also the site of the best musical fountain in Southeast Asia and the first ever winter wonderland in Malaysia.

 Sunway Lagoon theme Park

The sprawling 80 acre Sunway Lagoon offers fantastic rider and attractions. Among the highlights are “Waters of Africa”, “Wild Wild West” and he world’s longest pedestrian suspension bridge. The wet World Water Park in Shah Alam is another popular attraction.

 Yachting and Golfing

The oldest yacht club in Malaysia, Royal Selangor Yacht Club offers various services and activities. The state has close to forty golf clubs, with something to interest golfers of all levels.

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